Privacy Policy


This privacy policy contains the details about the website that confirms the authenticity of the terms and conditions applicable on the security products offered by McAfee. It clearly states that the norms and the rights mentioned on the website are verified along with the legitimacy of the services.

Which and why do we collect personal data?

The personal data of the visitors via their comments are collected. This is so because the comments do give valuable insights to improvise our services. We gather and collect all the personal data and related information that includes the visitor’s IP address. It clearly uses the browser content so that there could be a detection of spam. Not only this, but McAfee also gathers personal data in order to create the programs and software so that you can easily block those malware attacks.

Changes to our privacy policy

The alterations or the changes are made on the policy along with the terms and conditions at any point in time. The information on the McAfee privacy policy is posted keeping the material changes in mind. These material changes are with the products and services offered by McAfee. Remember, the changes only take place when there are actual changes in the products and services by McAfee.

Embedded media files 

We recommend you avoid uploading the images that are embedded with the location data. We do so because if you post such files the visitors can easily download and extract the data such as your location from the website i.e,

Contacts Forms cookies

For an instance, if you are posting a comment on our site then you might think to protect the credentials of your account on the website in cookies. With the assistance and support of the contact form cookies, there is no need to feel hassle and fill the form again and again. All you need is to remember that these cookies with last only for a month. If you already have a McAfee account and you then you can login to the site and the rest will be taken care of with cookies on a temporary basis in order to determine if your browser accepts the cookies or not. All you need to do is to be acknowledged about the fact that these cookies do not have any of your personal data and this will get erased the moment you turn off the browser.

References are taken from the other websites

There are many articles that are posted on and this article includes some of the references such as posts, articles, and many others. You need to acknowledge the embedded content from the other substitute websites that act in a similar way as the visitor visiting the random websites. These websites might collect personal data and you can use the cookies to track down the third-party activities and you can do the interact with the embedded content.

With whom we share your Private data and how long you can preserve your data

If you are posting any comments on the website, that comment pops with its Meta Description and these can be retained for an indefinite period. This is why we can easily identify and then approve any comments and not hold them to the queue. For those users who are registered to the website, there has been some of the personal information that is provided in the user’s profile. The users of the website can do the modifications to their personal information at any point in time. Point to understand, only you and the admin of the website can see and do the modifications on the website.

Rights over Personal data 

If you have an account with the website or you have left the comments then you can easily request for receiving an exported file of the personal data and this clearly includes all the data that is on your website. All you can do is to request to erase any personal data that we hold about you. There is no data that you have to keep for administrative, legal, or security reasons.

Where is your Private Data? 

The comments and the private data that is posted by the visitors on the website might be checked via the automated spam detection service. It is safe and secured with our archives.

Disclaimer: The aims to provide the particulars with content that is more training-related. The website includes intangible assets such as images, logos, trademarks, icons, and slogans related to McAfee. The information provided on this website is only for the informative purpose. Therefore, the visitors are requested not to post any important and personal details on the website and if the visitors do this then they will be the sole responsible for their actions.