A Detailed Guidebook for Uninstalling Mcafee Windows 10

McAfee has been recognized as the best brand amongst all whenever it came to providing the best software solutions for digital safety and has worked hard to hold on to the title. Windows users throughout the world are becoming loyal customers of premium McAfee solution services. And according to recent researches, it is the most appreciated and the most-used brand when it comes to building security shields around digital data. However, being a technical product, flawless service is not always a “100% guarantee” and that might lead you to uninstalling McAfee Windows 10. Here, in this read, you’ll learn explicit steps of uninstalling the software and reinstalling it if and when you decide to get it back.

Learn the steps to uninstall McAfee for Windows 10 devices

McAfee products are not just protection software from virus attacks but it caters to all kinds of cyber threats including spyware, malware, Trojans, ransomware, cryptojacking and the like. Also, McAfee product/service subscriptions can be taken for either one device or several devices. But there may be some technical issues that acquire the potential to bring displeasure to users and that is why they inquire for steps for uninstalling McAfee Windows 10. This part of the read will walk you through the steps that can help you achieve that:

  1. Turn your Windows 10 device on and head to the “Start” menu or the Windows logo icon.
  2. Look for “Programs and Features” and get into it then search for “McAfee Security Center”.
  3. On finding it, move your cursor and hit on the option that reads “Uninstall” or “Change”.
  4. Put a check on the boxes associated with “MacAfee Security Center” and remove all files.
  5. Hit on the “Remove” option and wait for your device to complete the uninstall procedure.
  6. And now, to apply the changes move forth with the “Restart Now” option on-screen.

Learn the steps to reinstall McAfee for Windows 10 devices

Two specific reasons would instill the need to reinstall McAfee software on your Windows 10 devices- one, is when McAfee begins to act out even after getting uninstalled, and the other is when you think it’s time to get the protection software back. Also, McAfee products do not just protect your systems but it works toward detecting the threats and repairing them to improve system performances. This part of the read will help you with reinstallation after uninstalling McAfee Windows 10:

  1. Begin with trying to run the McAfee Removal Tool. For this, you can head toward downloading the file with the name “MCPR.exe” from the official McAfee Support page.
  2. And then start installing your McAfee solution from scratch which includes comparing the subscriptions and benefits, purchasing the best-suited product and plan, along with going through the entire activation procedure on the mcafee.com/activate procedure.

Note: If you already have a paid subscription in the validity duration that you lost while uninstalling McAfee Windows 10, please do not hesitate to get in touch with the brand’s customer support team.


The detailed read above has been prepared with exclusive information to help you with the uninstalling McAfee Windows 10 procedure. Scrolling through the read, you have now learned important details about the brand, along with the reasons that may convince you to go through with the uninstalling procedure. Moving on you got to learn the easy steps of reinstalling McAfee if and when you decide to bring it back for digital safety.

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